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Young People’s Guide to COP26!

This free, collaborative educational guide aims to improve understanding of COP26 (the 26th Conference of Parties). We hope to demystify complex parts of climate change policy and empower our audience to engage with it on a local and national scale. 

Featuring knowledge from leading academics and experts, this resource is aimed for high school, college and university students & young professionals who have an interest in climate policy. 

This guide has been months in the making and some of our video interviews were recorded earlier in 2021, pre-dating the final decision to hold COP26 in-person in Glasgow. Therefore some of our guests may reference the possibility of COP26 taking place online.


What is COP?

All of the basics of COP26, the goals of the conference and the impact of COVID-19 has had, explained.

The Scottish Context of COP 26

Why is it significant that COP26 is taking place in Glasgow? The Scottish context explained.

Climate Finance & Business

Carbon markets, climate finance and the role of businesses at COP explained.

Youth in Action

Understanding the impact young people can have at COP, and tips for effective campaigning.

Climate Justice

Unequal power relations at COP and why Climate Justice must be considered in the negotiations. 


Includes our own COP26 Glossary & ‘Activism and Community Toolkit’ created by GUEST.


World Leaders


Main Goals


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We are very excited that we will be attending parts of COP26 this year in Glasgow, with access to the Blue Zone for Week 1, and participating in events in the Green Zone across both weeks. 

We will be providing updates on social media, including reporting live from the Blue Zone and from Green Zone events, so make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep up to date!

Want to learn more about the @SDGoals? We can help! Come into our classrooms and we’ll teach you. 🪟👉https://youtu.be/cWqnzPVhZP4 #EastbankPrimary #COP26 #OurDearGreenPlace 🌳🐦🐟🔔

Observers and civil society voices serve a crucial purpose in holding negotiators to account. The fact that these voices have been excluded is just another reason why this COP is doomed to fail https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/nov/08/cop26-legitimacy-questioned-as-groups-excluded-from-crucial-talks?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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